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World-first Self-declaration of conformity to ISO22301 with ISO9001 and ISO27001


Kazuya Soejima

Today we announce the self-declaration of conformity to ISO22301 which is integratedly operated with other 2 international standards for enterprise management system: ISO9001 and ISO27001.

The international standard for business continuity has finally been released on May 15th. We have already confirmed our conformity to ISO/FDIS22301 when it was published in February, therefore, we made response to the minor differences and hereby declare the world-first conformity to ISO22301.

Our purpose of utilizing ISO is to establish and operate the manegement system truly beneficial to our business.

To retain the fairness and integrity of our IMS, we will disclose as much information about our management system on our web site (currently only in Japanese), and show documentation to those customers who wish to do so.

Why we chose self-declaration

Since our establishment in 2006, we have strengthened our business to provide the best service possible to our customers. In order to do so, we have conformed to ISMS, BMCS and QMS according to corresponding ISO and also integrated the 3 management systems for efficient and effective operation.

We do not doubt the benefit of obtaining the certification for management system from outside party. However, the current assessment system is not efficient and effective enough to evaluate our integrated management system. Therefore, we decided to evaluate our own system and present self-declation instead.

As a result, we minimized the assessment fee and accelerated the internal revision process.

Management system is undoubtedly an essential and powerful tool for business operation, and I cannot imagine running business without it.




Newton Consulting acquired
certification for ISO27001 and made
self declaration of conformity to
ISO/FDIS22301 & ISO9001.

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