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Business Continuity Planning (BCP/BCM) Service

What is BCP/BCM?

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a plan of countermeasures developed by/for an enterprise to protect human lives and to enable prompt recovery/continuity of its business activities in the face of accidents/disasters (including unordinary incidents). BCP should be developed and implemented well in advance for an enterprise to ensure its effectiveness. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a structure for maintenance/management of the BCP.

Most enterprises already may have countermeasures for and to avoid accidents and disasters. However, it is impossible to fully avoid being involved or affected by accidents and disasters such as; disruption of logistics system due to volcano eruption as in Iceland, loss of lives/properties and damage to social infrastructure due to large earthquake like Japan, or bankruptcy of stakeholders due to a financial crisis, and critical manpower shortages due to pandemic influenza, etc.

Proper planning for business continuity is more than just avoiding disasters/accidents. It is imperative for an enterprise to be proactive and develop a successful plan of countermeasures in the case its major management resources (e.g. people, facilities, data, outsourced services, systems) are damaged. This is the essence of the BCP planning. 

Expertise of Newton Consulting

Proven experience and expertise working with over 500 companies for BCP consultation

  • Vast knowledge and supporting experience working with all sizes of enterprises/organizations in a wide range of industries
  • A wide variety of practical approaches to suit the needs of both domestic and global clients 
  • A wide range of service meeting various needs of the clients such as; evaluation of an existing BCP, development of a BCP from scratch, variety of BCP trainings (exercise, testing), development of a BCP specifically focused on IT systems, etc.

Recognized as the leading BCM professional

  • A member of the committee for creation of BCMS certification guideline in Japan
  • BCI Japan Alliance member
  • Proven experience and expertise in the supporting BCMS certifications for domestic/international businesses
  • Provider of information web site “Risk Management Navi”, which is well-known for its enormous and advanced stock of information among the risk management professionals in Japan
  • Author of numerous BCP/BCM related articles and publications


Our Consulting Services

We provide a full range of BCP consulting services
We provide comprehensive initial installation service of BCP including determination of the scope of BCP, current environment analysis, development of a BCP to training/exercise of the developed BCP. 
For the enterprises with existing BCP (or other form of disaster response measures), we can provide operational evaluation or development of specialized BCP for specific division/management area (e.g. IT systems/IT division). We are flexible to adjust our proposals to meet your specific needs.
BCP/BCM full lifecycle development service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises with a certain level of business continuity approaches in place, however, in need of a proper BCP/BCM developed from scratch.
  • Enterprises with no experience with BCM development.
  • Enterprises currently working towards BCM development.
  • Enterprises that wish to assess balance between the cost and the effect of the implementation of BCP measures before determining the scope of the BCP for development.
  • Enterprises in need of reducing workload of the existing BCP/BCM function.
Service outline Development of BCM in the following 5 steps to ensure you will establish the best suited BCM for your needs.
  1. Analysis: Understanding of the organization, determination of the scope of the  BCM
  2. Implementation/Documentation: Implementation of BCP/BCM measures to enhance the ability of the organization’s emergency response and make necessary documents for better comprehension
  3. Training/Exercise: Raise awareness of BCM throughout the organization to enhance the organization’s recovery ability
  4. Evaluation: Evaluation of the developed BCM
  5. Improvement: Improvement of the BCM structure/measures


BCP/BCM development service for Pandemic Influenza
Target enterprise

This support service is provided to the enterprises in need of development/implementation of BCP/BCM for measures against pandemic influenza. The plan will include measures for pre-infection (including prevention), upon infection to after breakout of the influenza pandemic (including the operational plan in case there is a shortage of personnel for a certain period).


BCP training/exercise service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises with a developed BCP but have not yet conducted BCP training (exercise/test)
Service outline Conduct BCP training (exercise/test) in a short period of time to evaluate the effectiveness of existing BCP and identify necessary improvements. 


BCP effectiveness evaluation service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises currently working on BCP development, or have a developed BCP in place.
  • Enterprises in need of a professional review/evaluation of appropriateness of their BCP.
  • Enterprises interested in learning about the gaps of their BCP and the international standards or that of their market competitors.  
Service outline Conduct evaluation of the content of your BCP and the creation process/method compared to; the international standard, common approaches of the industry or your competitors and your current environment. Based on the results of above process, we will identify necessary amendments and provide report for specific improvement plan. 


BCMS certification (ISO22301) support service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises who wish to acquire ISO22301 certification (regardless of the current BCP maturity)
Service outline Service outline    We will support in establishing solid business continuity management system to ensure it becomes a vital part of the enterprise. We will enhance your comprehensive understanding of ISO22301, installation and acquisition of the certification. 


Resilience certification support service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises who wish to acquire Resilience certification
Service outline We will provide support for acquisition of Certification of organizations contributing to national resilience (Resilience Certification)( 国土強靭化貢献団体認証(レジリエンス認証). Third part certification for your business continuity planning efforts will not only enhance your organization’s BCP movement but will provide a good publicity.


Incident response plan (Emergency response plan) development service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises that have no or limited plan for disaster measures in place
Service outline Support service to develop/implement a plan of response measures to life-threatening events (e.g. earthquakes, floods, fires, explosions). Response measures for the initial phase of disaster (the first three days after the disaster) include temporary evacuation, safety confirmation, information gathering, secondary evacuation, and prevention of secondary damages). Our support service includes not only creation of “Disaster handbook”, “Incident Response Plan” but training/exercise upon request. 


Crisis management plan development service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises that have no or limited plan for crisis response measures in place 
Service outline Support service to develop/implement a structure to address any type of critical situations such as accidents/disasters (including the “unexpected” disasters). Establishment of crisis management struncture is critical for any organization nowadays.


IT-BCP development service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises who wish to develop their business continuity plan with a specific focus on the IT systems’ continuity.
  • Enterprises who wish to develop their business continuity plan specifically for their IT division.
Service outline Support service to develop/establish business continuity plan specifically focusing on the IT systems. Our support service includes the initial analysis/evaluation of your IT services and development of the best suited ITSCM for your business. 


BCMS internal audit service
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises with difficulty securing resource for BCMS internal audit personnel.
  • Enterprises that has concerns with the adequacy of the current internal audit process for their BCMS and wants new ideas.
Service outline Experienced consultant will substitute as your internal audit personnel and  support toward efficient revision of your BCP. 
Our auditing service includes a proposal for the scope of your internal audit (e.g. business activities, sites), the auditing schedule and the fee according to your schedule. 
We request scheduling of the audit date with the relevant personnel, securing a dedicated office space for the auditors and preparation of relevant documentation for the audit.
Verbal report of the audit result will be provided to the management in person on the day of the audit, which will be followed by a written report (sent to you via mail). 


Education Service

BCMS internal auditors training
Target enterprise
  • Enterprises in need of training the BCM internal auditors
  • Enterprises that wish to train BCM internal auditors in a short period of time
Service outline This 8-hour training session provided by well-experienced consultant will focus on providing important points necessary for internal audit and the know-how to carry out successful audits.
The training session consists of a lecture with timely quiz to check comprehensive level of the training participants and avoid misunderstanding and clear all uncertainties within the training session.
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